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Great example of authentic branding. Nice job of Dove’s ad firm using YouTube to reinforce Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign which is an awesome concept. I actually pitched a similar concept to the CEO of large prestige cosmetics company about 4 years ago. This idea came from the fact that this particular brand, wasn’t acknowledging the fact that their customers tended to be middle aged women – not young beauties and that they should embrace that position and market to them. No dice though – they refuse to admit who their core customers were and kept trying to appeal to younger women and continuously losing that battle to other brands more aligned with that age group. Why doesn’t anyone in prestige cosmetics want to embrace the mature woman – aren’t they the ones with the deepest pockets and strongest desire to maintain their beauty?
Nice job Dove.
I did a brief search to and find out who is behind the campaign but came up empty. Anybody know?

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  1. dove beauty agency
    First Google result: Oglivy & Mather Chicago.
    Audience targeting can feel a bit bottom-liney to me, but hey, you tug at a universal, eternal, binding thread in the tapestry of humanity, so well f_cking done anyway: We are imperfect. We are stubborn and gullible. We make mistakes by the bushel and do with good intentions what Mr. Bean would do with a turkey. We are beautiful. Especially you.

  2. I think Ogilvy New York actually spearheaded the concept, with their Brand Integration Group contributing quite a bit. I actually was quite the fan of their Superbowl TV spot last year, and I think the print executions from the past couple of years have been intelligent and classy. This was the smartest concept they’ve done to date, however.
    Not what you’d expect of the fashion industry, and not what you’d expect from 99.9% of the advertising agencies out there.
    Gone are the days of Alexei Brodovitch. Fashion these days is just a bunch of glossy soft porn. It’s crap. But its pervasive and alluring crap. Even Nikki Sixx has a line of clothing set to sell at Neiman Marcus–ironic, given that his and his band’s original “fashion” came from their inability to afford anything pricier than hairspray.
    I guess the sad thing is, many of the people who praise the work for Dove will likely continue to support and aspire to the dredgery that pollutes the pages of Vanity Fair, Cosmo, GQ, and whatever else is killing trees these days. While I can certainly admire Nick Knight for shooting the elderly and the “ugly” for campaigns in the past, even he’s wrapped into doing the typical fashion shoot for the uber-luxury brands for all his recent assignments. I’m just perplexed how people can be so content with the same stuff over and over and over again…

  3. Brad – thanks for the info on the agency. I had no idea Nicki Sixx had a fashion line – and I considered myself a Crue fan. One the the reasons that the Dove campaing has been effective (I’m assuming seeing that I don’t know any kind of sales info) is because its so different but additionally because its authentic. Those two things combined are powerful. Ever see the movie “Crazy People” with Dudley Moore? In a comical way his character, a creative director, achieves the same thing. Rent it if you haven’t seen it. Very funny for anyone in advertising.

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