Obama Been Bloggin

Taking a HEEEEEYYYYAAAAARGH from Howard Dean, the Barak Obamaniacs have woven themselves a tapestry of MyBarakObama microsites to motivate, connect, and empower a formidable cluster of web-savvy politiquitos. While every viable candidate in the slim pickin pile is using blogs, Flickr, and YouTube to some degree, Obama’s advisors force the question: can they harness enough online energy to offset the disadvantage of a political underdog (whoever that may be)? Will online word-of-mouth supplant the legacy of ever-mounting political contributions?
Regardless of political leanings, it’s worth investigating the emergence of online social networking as the new political networking.
It’s too early yet to get my vote, but they’ve definitely earned a link.

3 thoughts on “Obama Been Bloggin

  1. Definitely a web savvy set-up – combining online connectivity, community, ease-of-use and ownership. Look for other campaigns to try and steal this concept – as well they should.

  2. Yeah, Mark, others will nab this structure for sure.
    There is room for improvement, too: though access to the site’s MyBarak functionality required me to register, I’ve yet to receive a(n expected) “welcome and thank you” form email from the man himself. Likewise, though I’ve signed up for a few local groups, I’ve not gotten a “thanks for joining — how would you like to help?” email from the group leader (this could feasibly be personalized, I reckon, considering most groups appear under 30 folks).
    The community-building machine should leap upon these opportunities. I should be tired of handshakes by now.

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