Atomic engines to power … turbines to speed …

bigwidesky is beaming to introduce propeller, our high altitude interactive development team. Specializing in web, CD, and DVD communications, propeller “pulls message, design and technology into harmony to create interactive media that elevates your message, your image, and your essence.”
Now, before someone leaps up in the middle of a small town PTA meeting and shouts “Just a second there, bub! bigwidesky and propeller are the same thing: DEVIL MUSIC!” — allow us to clarify the delineation: bigwidesky is an innovation company exploring the corporate/community relationships of the new marketing paradigm; propeller is an interactive development team executing brand experiences within a digital medium.
Put another way, { bigwidesky : mankind’s lust for the stars :: propeller : Saturn V moon rocket }

2 thoughts on “Atomic engines to power … turbines to speed …

  1. How dare thee sell something tangible?!
    So if BWS and Propeller were a Siamese twin, would you be joined at the brain or the hip?

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