Ooooh, that’s lovely! I’ll take it!

Like most in or near the ballpark of our discipline, we hate spec work. I think it tickles a nerve near to this dirty business, excerpted:

Do the intellectual property rights to student work produced in the normal activities of a regular course belong to the student or to the University in which the student is enrolled?

Should taking (and paying for) a college course be considered a “work for hire” arrangement? Well, if a student is taking certain courses at UH-Manoa’s Academy for Creative Media, that student is required to assign all copyright of her work produced in the course to the ACM.

The’ve got the owlish Lawrence Lessig slinging too, excerpted:

But what is clear is the lesson ACM is teaching: That you, the creator, deserve no creative- or copy-right for your creativity. That right should be owned by the man. And while (at least so long as you’re good) the man might grant you a nonexclusive license to your creativity, don’t even think about the idea that what you create is yours to control. Copyright at ACM at least is not a right grant to “authors,” it is a right taken from the authors by the University.

I SO want to do a beer bong with Lawrence Lessig again!

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