Grounded Chips

So bigwidesky is in a holding pattern. Things have changed and will change again. Such is the way of things. As an incredibly brilliant person just suggested to me today, “I know I will not get out of this life alive…” That obviously means what it means, but perhaps less obviously it suggests that the only constant is the lack of constancy. How’s that for a self-referential paragraph, eh?
But I’m not interesting in digging into all of that right now. I’ll be saying more about bigwidesky shortly. Right now I’m employing my potato chip greased fingers to clack out this little experiment. It’s an experiment that has been tried many times before. I’m not going to dig up specific links at the moment, but you can go to the consumerist and elsewhere and find other things like what I’m about to blog. But hey, I’m in a potato chip induced altered state of consciousness.
To be brief, I had a hard time opening a bag of Terra Chips. In particular, Terra Kettles. This isn’t the first time. So I should have known better, but I’m in my office and I don’t have scissors, so I applied the requisite pressure to actually the open the bag; which is to say the same amount of force necessary to move the Earth to a new orbit. Needless to say, my hapless self got chips all over the place. I decided I should let the people who make these chips know that while the chips are good, they are packaged in an armored truck.

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