Atomic engines to power … turbines to speed …

bigwidesky is beaming to introduce propeller, our high altitude interactive development team. Specializing in web, CD, and DVD communications, propeller “pulls message, design and technology into harmony to create interactive media that elevates your message, your image, and your essence.”
Now, before someone leaps up in the middle of a small town PTA meeting and shouts “Just a second there, bub! bigwidesky and propeller are the same thing: DEVIL MUSIC!” — allow us to clarify the delineation: bigwidesky is an innovation company exploring the corporate/community relationships of the new marketing paradigm; propeller is an interactive development team executing brand experiences within a digital medium.
Put another way, { bigwidesky : mankind’s lust for the stars :: propeller : Saturn V moon rocket }


The other day, the bigwidesky family received news – through a surreal game of “telephone” – that Skye was dead. A shock to us all – especially Lana – Matt and I haphazardly switched to “panic mode” and went across the street for sushi. “Drinking all the chilled sak√© in the world won’t bring him back,” we lamented.

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Science Cafe

I just spoke with Al Wiman about the Science Cafe offering they run over at the St. Louis Science Center. Tonight, the topic is, “Are We Committing Biocide? The Human Impact on Biodiversity” and includes Peter H. Raven, President, Missouri Botanical Garden. I’ve been wanting to go to one of these because of the access it offers; they bring each guest around to each audience table for one-on-one discussion. Alas, not tonight for me because it is my wife’s night out and I’ve got the boys. Despite my absence, I thought I’d tell y’all about it. The folks over at the science center are doing yeoman’s work and deserve all the support we can give ‘em.