About orphic

Technology and design represent, in many ways, diverging cultures and aptitudes. In spite of this, the two are inextricably entwined. This coalescence of design and technology is accelerating and increasingly necessary. Designers, with all their messy unconventional meandering, and technologists, with their rigorous focus, are under growing pressure to make it work together. What happens when a moist, warm mass of air meets a cold front?

Orphic is a blog about the miasma at the fault line between these two cultural tectonic plates. Orphic is about everything on both sides of this synthesis as well. What is design? What is creative? What is technology? What is best in design? What is best in technology? We’ll likely be able to answer precisely none of these questions, but we’re willing to die trying. Or, y’know, ignite flame wars at the very least.