Eliot Frick

As founder and Chief Creative of bigwidesky, Eliot has helped create vision, build brands and craft cultural conversations for Macy’s, Monsanto, Sigma-Aldrich, the Saint Louis Science Center, Alberici, Mary Engelbreit and many others.

Frustrated by calcified communications theory, bigwidesky is modeling a new communications culture in which people simply talk with people. While amazing new tools have made a new communications culture possible, what is truly remarkable is that the new tools actually encourage and require a more authentic, more organic and more human exchange.

With 12 years in marketing and 17 years creating content for the internet, Eliot helps organizations sidestep the “conventional” wisdom that hides the real value of these new tools.

Eliot is a sort of incidental visionary who has the ability and flat-out obstinacy to coax transient ideas into form as dimensional entities. Additionally, he casts bigwidesky project teams and manages and directs our creative efforts. An award-winning Web and print designer, Eliot possesses an indefatigable interest in constantly evolving technology tools, techniques and processes.

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